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Several weeks ago, we decided it was time to upgrade ‘Vision’ to digital format. Key drivers of this change include a reduction in printing and paper reducing the environmental impact, as well as greater efficiency in distribution and increase exposure and penetration of the Tagara Brand. If you still enjoy a hard copy feel please feel free to print ‘Vision’.

We hope that you continue (or begin) to enjoy the information and beautiful photos of our completed projects through this new online format.

John Kassara & Tullio Tagliaferri


Recently completed project: St Peters Town Hall Precinct


St Peter’s Town Hall redevelopment
Client: City of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters
Architect: Phillips Pilkington with Flightpath Architects as Heritage Consultant
Value: $6.49m

What makes a good Project Manager?

What qualities are most important for a project leader to be effective? Tullio Tagliaferri has more than 10 years training in construction Project Management. Find out what he thinks sets good Project Managers apart from mediocre ones.

Why I joined ‘Mates in Construction?

Mates in Construction logo

In late 2012 Tagara Managing Director Tullio ‘Tag’ Tagliaferri volunteered to become involved in Mates in Construction after learning about the high incidence of suicide in the Australian construction industry. Read about Mates in Construction and why Tag joined

Tagara launches ‘Building Services’ division

Many Tagara customers value our focus on their smaller construction projects, up to $2.5 million in value. We have decided to merge a number of services under the same ‘Building Services’ name. This division is an engine room of our great company and now offers even better value for our clients. Read more about our Building Services division

Dr Nov’s Safety Corner

In this article, Dr Nov explores risks in everyday construction activities, how manual handling tasks can cause injuries and how to prevent them. Visit Dr Nov’s Safety Corner

Uno Apartments with National UDIA award for High Density Housing


The UNO Apartments project in Waymouth Street has won the top prize in the High Density Housing category in the Urban Development Institute of Australia’s 2013 National Awards for Excellence. Read inBusiness online article or view Uno Apartments project photos

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To find out more about Tagara or for any project enquiries, please feel welcome to email our Managing Director, Tullio Tagliaferri or phone him directly on (08) 8360 9703

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