Tagara Builders operates an integrated Quality, Health & Safety and Environment (QHSE) management system across all business activities. There are a number of competitive advantages in operating an integrated management system including the ability to develop, implement, monitor and review processes and outcomes in line with business objectives.
This is carried out through risk assessment, non-conformance reporting and implementation of corrective actions, in order to improve future performance of the system for the benefit of clients.
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The object of Tagara Builders’ Quality Assurance system is the economic production of goods and services to a predetermined and consistent standard underpinned by our commitment to the principle of Continuous Improvement.
Tagara has been third party accredited through Total Quality Certification Services International (TQCSI) Pty Ltd since 1996 and currently maintains accreditation to International Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008.

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Health and safety

The fundamental aim of Tagara Builders in relation to Health and Safety is to ensure that every person entering a worksite returns safely to their family at the end of each day. Compliance with the requirements of the Work Health and Safety Act, 2012 is achieved through an active Safety Management System that is fully supported and funded by management, relayed to all new employees upon commencement of their employment, implemented by responsible personnel and adhered to by all employees.

In November 2007 Tagara achieved accreditation to the national OHS&W standard, AS 4801:2001 and is fully compliant to its requirements.

Tagara Builders was also awarded Federal Safety Commissioner Accreditation July 2011.

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More than ever before our communities demand accountability from those who undertake activities that may have an impact upon our environment. ‘Environment’ in the construction context includes work sites and immediate surroundings. It also extends to mechanisms for waste minimisation, energy management, noise and dust emission controls. Tagara is committed to comply with the requirements of the Environment Protection Act, 1993. The company achieved accreditation to ISO 14001 in January 2010.
With the assistance of Carbon Planet, Tagara Group has conducted a comprehensive certified greenhouse gas emissions audit. Achieving ‘Carbon Measured’ is step 1 of 3 in reducing the company’s emissions profile.


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Risk Management

We have commenced a programme to achieve Third Party certification under ISO31000: Risk Management, by the end of 2013. We expect to be the first contractor to achieve the certification, and the benefits will progressively flow to our clients, industry partners, and stakeholders.