How long does Exposed Aggregate Last?

When choosing surface materials for installation in places such as pool decks, driveways, and patios, you have the choice of a great option known as exposed aggregate. This material is a cement finish with exposed stones or gravel at its surface. Exposed aggregate is finished in various ways to match the style of the home with different styles and colors to pick. One of the main benefits of exposed aggregate in Perth is its durability and longevity that requires minimal maintenance to retain. It can sustain extreme weather conditions and direct sunlight for many years with its rugged build, as well as remaining non-slip due to its exposed small stones at its surface.

Exposed aggregate does not need much maintenance to remain looking good, and this is due to the small rock’s ability to hid skid-marks and stains, unlike other types of surface materials. Typical maintenance is rinsing the surface with a water hose and resealing the surface to keep the decorative finish looking glossy. In this article, you will learn how long exposed aggregate lasts and how often you should reseal its surface to retain its bright finish.

How Long does Exposed Aggregate Last?

When people are considering the installation of an exposed aggregate surface, a primary benefit is its longevity. The average lifespan of an exposed aggregate driveway can be upwards of thirty years or more with the right care and preventative maintenance. Exposed aggregate’s lifespan can be affected by many factors, such as cracks in the surface that are not correctly filled or improper maintenance methods. An example of improper maintenance can be the usage of a high-powered water pressure washer that can dislodge aggregate if used at an angle that can result in the damage of your exposed aggregate. It is recommended you rinse the exposed aggregate regularly with a water hose to remove dirt and debris. It is recommended that you reseal the surface of the exposed aggregate to maintain its glossy finish and increase its longevity.

The lifespan of an exposed aggregate pool surface is slightly lower due to the constant contact of chemical imbalances and water that affect the surface of the pool. The average lifespan of pool exposed aggregate has been shown that exposed aggregate lasts fifteen to twenty years before needing to be refinished or in need of a significant repair.

How long does Exposed Aggregate Last?

How Often do you Reseal Exposed Aggregate?

To keep the look of your exposed aggregate in pristine condition, you will need to reseal the surface to keep the glossy and clean finish that makes it so appealing to many people. Exposed aggregate is recommended to be resealed every two years, enhancing its strength and ability to withstand harsh weather. When looking for the correct sealer for exposed aggregate, choose a sealer that is UV-resistant, provides a high-gloss finish that will enrich the colors, repels oil and dirt, and can be recoated with multiple layers.

Before you apply the sealer, you must make sure the surface is free of contaminants and dirt, and this can be accomplished by rinsing it with a water hose and using a small nylon brush between the small rocks.